I know you’re busy.

You’re running around all the time with your kids.

You have a boss who asks questions at 4:45PM right before you’re supposed to leave.

You have a zillion things to do, and it never seems like you can get them all done.

Which is why you absolutely, 100%, need to workout.

Something I’ve learned is the importance of exercise being a non-negotiable habit. It’s a pretty fair argument and stance to have as well, especially since we know that the research out there shows that just 3 hours of training per week can reduce all cause mortality by upwards of 50% (want to live longer? Exercise!).

But I too fall into the trap that so many of us do… ditching the workouts whenever times get tough (which is really silly, especially since after workouts I feel confident, clear headed, and capable of handling anything that life throws at me).

Hold up. I shouldn’t even use the word “tough” right there. Tough times are totally different. If you’re super sick, or caring of other super sick people, or you’re going through true crisis, we have to get those tough times sorted.

What I should have said was, “ditching the workouts whenever times get busy.” 

We all do that. You do it. I do it. Your favorite IG celebrity does it. You’re not alone in that, and you should not beat yourself up over it. 

However, let’s put an end to that, shall we? If you can manage to workout even when times are crazy busy, you’ll never have to worry about falling off of the fitness wagon ever again.

Here’s 3 Tips to help you get in those workouts, even in the craziest of times.


Yeah yeah, a bit type A, but there’s a reason for this. IT WORKS.

What I like to do is take out my planner (or google calendar) and put in the 4 days that I’m going to workout at Reason. I put this in BEFORE I put in anything else.

Before I schedule meetings.

Before I schedule coaching sessions.

Before I schedule time for content creation.

I make these a priority, and when they’re on the calendar, I have a very hard time disappointing myself and letting myself down. Get these suckers on the calendar, and keep showing up. The WORST case is you go push it down to later (when you have less energy) but still get it done.

2. 50% EFFORT IS 100% OK

Wait… what? Mr. trainer guy, are you really telling me that I don’t need to go HARD AF in every session? That intensity isn’t key? That more effort won’t lead to greater results?! What is this 50% effort madness you speak of?!


When times are crazy and your energy is pulled in seemingly 1,000 different directions, is it really feasible for you to think that you’re going to be able to give 100% effort in every workout 3-5 days a week while handling all of the other stuff you have to handle?


But 50% effort is still effort. It’s still you showing up and keeping up the habit of working out. It’s still you making sure that you invest in yourself, even if it’s just a little bit.

Like the old personal finance saying goes… if you can’t invest $1,000, invest $500. If you can’t invest $500, do $100. If you can’t invest $100, do $1. Just do something.


This tip has been an absolute game changer for me.

On my iPhone, I have a note that says “30 minute workouts.” In that note, I have about 8 workouts that can all be completed in 30 minutes or less. These range from cardio specific workouts, to bodybuilding, to shorter strength and conditioning intervals… but from start to finish, it can all be done in 30 minutes.

and I’m never so busy that I don’t have 30 minutes in the day to move my body.

Do the same thing on your phone. Have some easily accessible workouts that you know are NOT going to take you very long. If you already know that they’re good workouts and they won’t take you long, it’s a TON easier to make those workouts happen.

Here’s 15 workouts that you could do without any equipment.

Getting into shape is relatively easy, but staying in shape and making sure you never have to get BACK into shape is the really hard part. Remember these tips and you’ll never have to get started again.

  1. Put the workouts on the calendar
  2. 50% effort is 100% OK
  3. Have some “go to” workouts

And if these three tips could help you, or help a friend of yours, send them this article. We need everyone to be healthier and I want to help your friends too.

In Health,


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