Shifting Your Focus Will Shift Your Fight

One of the hardest parts about the journey toward a goal is staying encouraged throughout the ups and downs of the process to get there.

If your goals feel daunting, far away, or just a little out of reach it’s easy to fall into a state of feeling discouraged. 

Discouragement is the root of derailing. 

It can then become easy to think like:

“My back is a little achy today… do I still show up?”

“If I didn’t get the exact amount of sleep I wanted, is it even worth trying anyways?”

“I only have X amount of time. I’ll try again tomorrow.” 

When I focus on all the impossible, I forget about what is possible. 

The reality is that, there is always a reason for things to not go the way that you had envisioned. If you are someone who is balancing your health and fitness goals with kids– then you definitely know what this feels like even more so!) 

Here are 3 things you can ask yourself today that will help you shift your focus: 

  1. What can I do right now to help me get to where I want to be? 
  2. Who can I ask to keep me accountable for this? 
  3. Is it better to do something vs. nothing? (Sometimes, it isn’t!) 

When we are able to shift our focus to what is possible, it enables us to invest our time and energy into things that are worth our time and energy. 

When we are able to shift our focus on “What small thing can I do TODAY to move the needle forward?” it enables us to make decisions freely about our goals and desires so that we don’t have to operate in so much fear of the unknown! 

When we are able to shift our focus on progress rather than perfection.. we might actually feel like the journey went perfectly. 

Reason Community, 

Shifting your focus will shift your fight. 

Happy Monday. See you in the gym this week! 

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