…And we’re back!!!

Registration for the Intramural Open starts now!

The Open is a 3 week global CrossFit competition that serves as the first stage for the CrossFit Games season. For us, it’s a way to measure our fitness and come together as a community.

This year, we’re excited to announce that Intramurals and Friday Night Lights have officially returned! Participants will be divided into two even teams to determine which team is the Fittest in Arcadia.

The competition starts on February 24th. You’ll have a new workout each week from Thursday 12pm to Monday 5pm to complete as described. We’ll provide you with a link where you can submit your score. While you can complete the workout under the watchful eye of a judge any time during that week, you may want to join us instead on Friday Nights, starting at 6:30pm. Instead of normal class, we will be dedicating that time and space and provide judges for everyone to compete.

Like the Team Series, each team member will perform the Open workout individually, with the sum of the scores becoming the team’s overall score. This year, you will declare your division (Rx or Scaled) before you sign up, and will be locked into that division. 

After 22.3, we’ll celebrate the end of the Open with a party, raffle, and tacos!

Included in your registration is a an exclusive 1 of 1 shirt, ticket for taco plate, and exclusive photography package.

You can register as an Early Bird here:

After 1/31, prices increase – Regular Registration here:

Don’t need a new profile pic? Party with us below.

After purchase, please fill out this form for your shirt and division:

Train hard. We’ll see you in February.


In this blog post you’ll find a wealth of information. Please take the time to read through it so you’re in the know!


There are two teams.


Here’s what you can expect each week:

  1. Learn the workout at 12pm PST each Thursday via the LIVE Announcement from CrossFit (see 
  2. Join us on YouTube LIVE immediately after the workout announcement for the Reason Update Show. We’ll break down the workout and answer questions.
  3. Wake up on Friday morning and put on your jersey (your team’s color).
  4. Attend group class on Friday, do The Open workout. OR do the workout outside of class.


  • Class space takes priority over Open attempts. The coach has the right to delay or move an athlete’s Open attempt if it is interfering with class.
  • Open hours are between 12:00p – 7:30p on Thursdays, 5:30a and 7:30p on Fridays and Mondays. 9:00a-11:00a on Saturdays. Athletes are responsible for finding their own judge and recording/documenting performance according to the CFG rulebook.
  • Two leaderboards – RX and scaled. Weekly scores are determined by rank. Scaled will have equal scoring as RX (both leaderboards start at 1 point). 
  • Team scores are summed up of all assigned athletes. Lowest score wins.
  • Everyone will declare their division when signing up. No division swaps will be allowed between weeks. No weight or movement substitutions will be allowed, i.e. athletes must attempt their workout as written for their division
  • No bonuses – this is a pure fitness competition.
  • Missing submissions are scored as size of team +1. Missing submissions will not be ranked.
  • Submissions must be submitted online via Google Forms. Paper submissions/screenshots will not be allowed. 
  • All movement standards are as defined by official CFG rulebook.


Your team captains are: 

  • Drew & Miguel
  • Luke & Masuda


Your league commissioner is none other than the one and only Coach Tim.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your team captain. 

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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