Managing Stress: Your Board of Directors

by Eric Freedom, Founder of Reason Fitness

A year ago – like many others I experienced what was the most turbulent year of my life.


Who wasn’t stressed out? One thing I’ve learned as I’ve entered my mid thirties is I’ve learned the value of counsel.

Asking for, receiving and applying counsel has been one of the greatest ways I’ve tackled stress in life.

There is nothing great in my life that has ever been accomplished with only my own energy. Through different seasons of life, I’ve had advisory, coaches and mentors who have helped me escape falling into pits and help me scale mountains bigger than I ever could on my own. We aren’t smart enough to make all of our decisions on our own. The need to leverage the power of other minds speaking into our minds.

In 2019 I began seeking out a personal board of directors to help me manage the pillars of my life. My big 3 are my faith, my finances and my fitness. I have advisory for all 3 of those and I lean on them constantly for feedback in my personal life. To break those down a bit more –

My faith includes my spiritual life as well as my mindset.
My finances represent my freedom and future.
My family represents my actual family, closest relationships and inner circle.
My fitness represents my health, longevity and quality of life, present and future.

I will rarely make a major spending decision without the talking it through with someone that has made a similar decision or makes those type of decisions regularly. I have two friends that are my finance guys and I trust them deeply to talk about anything finance related.

I have a few people that help me balance my spiritual life in different seasons, but there is one person that calls me out without shame when I am not pursuing the life that i want to the fullest.

The gym, that many of the readers of this blog attend would not be here without the insistent push of my wife telling me to quit everything i was doing and pursue the dream I wanted most: serve and improve the lives of others through fitness.

In 2020 I hired a coach to help me manage my fitness through the pandemic – me, a fitness coach, hiring another fitness coach. The ego kill that it was for me to reach out and say that I needed leadership, management and accountability.

Having these people in place has reduced the amount of stress I have in life in ways I could not describe. I would not be the person I am today, have the balance, the relationships or the financial position I am in today without the board I created in 2019.

So as you enter into the weekend – I challenge you to ask yourself. Who is on your board?

In my next blog i’ll talk about how to leverage your board of advisors to reduce stress and live a happier, healthier life. 

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