Jerry Cheng: Leading By Example

Meet our member Jerry Cheng. Jerry is the Chief of Pediatrics in all of Southern California, a Father of 2, and a regular attendee of the 5:30am class here at Reason Fitness. 

Jerry has been a member with us for the greater part of a 5 year journey and here is what we know about him: he is incredibly consistent. 

In the past 5 years, he has accumulated 800+ check-ins which means that since August of 2017 he has had an average of 3.48 check-ins (workouts) per week. 

“I partly do it because I want to lead by example..” has been the mantra of his “why”. Having two daughters in high school and being in an extremely high leadership position in the medical field holds him to a standard and “walking the walk” is something he is determined to do when it comes to prioritizing his fitness. 

This is something tough to do when it comes to building habits or routines in life. For most, our patterns generally reflect our greatest priorities but we often get lost in those priorities when we condition ourselves to give in only in that capacity. 

“When I check off “morning workout” at the beginning of each day, I feel better. It lets me focus on my patients, my staff, and my family.”

Jerry’s first action of the day is still to give, but not to anyone else but himself. When he gives to himself, he doesn’t just feel able— he feels enabled to give to the other priorities in his life. 

And when I asked Jerry “what is the one thing you feel like you’ve accomplished in the past 5 years?” He answered: It’s the routine. For him, there are a number of things that are more important than what happens within the four walls of the gym and because of that, it makes those four walls less of a negotiable for him and for his life. 

If you’’ve got similar values to Jerry, you can find him jamming at the 5:30am classes about 4 times per week. 

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