Friends and Fitness: Athlete Spotlight – Bryce & Amy

Athlete Bright Spot: Bryce & Amy
Friends and Fitness
By Coach Drew Hernandez

This week we say “See ya later”  to two members of our community that has been with us for just short of a year. One of the amazing things about our community is that time goes by faster when we spend time together.

Amy and Bryce joined our community last July, post-pandemic. And this past Tuesday when we sent them off with a goodbye workout marked exactly 365 days since they started with us in 2020.

We couldn’t have found two better people to add to our Reason culture. Competitive, but humble. Inquisitive without prying. Always wanting to learn more, always wanting to get 1% better.

A word from Coach Drew:
Amy is such an awesome person and a lot of people don’t know but she works for the NFL! I got the opportunity to on-ramp her last July and my first thought was “ wow, she’s super-fit” in her humble way. She is not shy of a hard workout and a long training session. She is the part of the few that welcomes it!

Bryce is an extremely humble and naturally curious person. Dr. Edwards doesn’t tell many people that he has that title. This guy is humble! He has a willingness to learn and implement in his training and day to day. Many of us at first glance see this amazing athlete and might chalk it up to genetics. I have had the pleasure of seeing him continue to put hard work in and out. Day after day he is looking and trying to make himself better. Doing the 4:30 class and leaving after the 6:30 class. I am amazed to see the transformation of his athleticism.

Both of them joined us and I’m guessing they’d just be part of a regular CrossFit gym. Buth they joined and they made lifelong friends.

I am sad to see them leave but I’m so thankful we had this past year with them. Thank you for being part of our community. You will always have a home here!

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