Finding Consistency, Happiness and Confidence: Eva Yip

Athlete Bright Spot by Coach Luke
Finding Consistency, Happiness and Confidence: Eva Yip

Exactly 51 weeks ago I started working with this amazing human. 

51 weeks ago, prior to the shut down, a question I asked her after discussing her health/fitness goals was what did she want to be healthy for? What was the point and why is it important to become/stay fit? 

Her answers were:

1. I like the competitive aspect of the workouts.

2. I want to feel good about my own body image. 

3. & most importantly, I’m not really sure of what else my fitness serves. 


The biggest thing that stuck out to me: she didn’t have clarity over what she was working out for..

This led to:

😟 Inconsistent attendance at the gym

🍪 Junk food binges

😤 Frustration over what to eat, all. the. time.


“My mindset about training just changed, I know that chasing higher numbers and going faster in workouts every day doesn’t help me. I want to be fit for my life and have the energy to get through harder days at work. With the accountability and your constant adjustments, I’m the most consistent I’ve ever been, and I haven’t been to the gym for a year.”


“I learned that there’s space in my diet for some of the junk foods that I want and that it doesn’t mean I have to derail the rest of my meals of the day, week, or month.”


“I realized that cooking food just isn’t for me. The stress of cooking isn’t worth it. Pre-made meals are the greatest thing and worth every penny— for me”


Today, she is working out 5x/week. (sometimes 4) Today, she is happy with the way her body looks. Today, she feels more confident in who she is. 

Congrats on all of your growth this past year Eva.

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