Thank You, Masuda

Thanks, Coach Masuda

While the current trend and topic in the fitness industry is “discipline > motivation,” I think that being around motivating people is a key component to success. People who motivate and inspire you are the ones that can help you keep your discipline whenever things are getting rough.

Today, I’d like to express some gratitude to my friend and Reason Fitness Coach, Edward Masuda.

For those of you at Reason, you know Masuda as the early dawn patrol coach. He’s always early for you, always has picked up the gym, ALWAYS has the straightens up a space that he comes into, and is always excited to help someone get a little bit better with their fitness that day.

And while Masuda is a shining example of what we look for in a Coach, he’s also an example of someone I try to emulate on a weekly basis.

Masuda is a lot like you and me.

He keeps himself busy. And he’s a helper.

“Do you need anything before I leave?”

He’s a is currently balancing two jobs while building a career in coaching, a caretaker for his father, a present sibling to his twin (yes, he’s a twin!) and he seems to always be helping his friends out with one thing or another. Oh, also – his name is Edward. If ya know, ya know.

What’s most inspiring about Edward to me is he reminds me of my son Luca. He’s the youngest on our team. But he reminds me of someone we all are and can be, but maybe have left behind as life as waned on. He’s honest. He cares. He seeks out solutions to answers when he does not know. You see, Edward is a student. Edward is always asking questions. Edward is hungry not only to learn, but to implement. 

He’s continuing to refine his coaching craft so he can be the best coach possible for our members. And he’s living his own journey too.

Masuda, you’re freakin awesome.

While I do strive to have discipline for my health and fitness, life can often take priority over the ebbs and flows of motivation, I’m really grateful that I have someone like Masuda around to not only help us serve our community better, but to motivate me to be better.

Thank you, Masuda. Let’s keep changing lives. Let’s make happier, healthier humans.


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