Priscilla Lee: Strength For Her Students

Reason Community, meet our member Priscilla Lee. Priscilla is a teacher, a regular attendee of our afternoon and evening classes, and recently married! 

Priscilla has been a member since 2017 (almost exactly 5 years from September) and is almost at her 300th check-in. 

I sat down with Priscilla last week to check-in and chat about her goals, journey, and how things have been since she’s started it here at Reason and here are some highlights that could connect with where you might find yourself in your journey. 

When I asked Priscilla what was one of her most recent milestones, she talked alot about an experience she had when she was teaching some of her students. “One day, on a very normal day, while I was teaching I bent over (or squatted down) to pick something up and in the rush of a single moment, my back gave out on me.” 

Her back locked up on her and aside from it rendering her unable to teach normally, it also stopped her from doing a lot of regular daily activities. 

Her back became something that she felt she needed to be very sensitive and careful about. 

It became the ‘one thing’ that she knew, in the back of her mind, that stopped her from operating and living in her fullness. 

If you’ve ever had back pain, or any injury/ache/pain– then you know how debilitating it can be. 

You know how debilitating it can be especially when you’re in the ROUTINE of moving regularly. 

After allowing the back to heal, she knew she wanted to do something proactive in order for her to know that it wouldn’t happen again. 

That’s when she joined Reason. 

Since then, “I pretty much haven’t gotten an injury in my back… and I’m more confident in my back (and legs) than I’ve ever been.” 

For Priscilla, being strong is more than lifting the weights at the gym. For her, being strong meant making sure she was doing everything in her control to make sure she could show up for her students. 

In my experience, this is what makes someone successful with their health and fitness.

When you can match your purpose with your progress- you get a lifestyle that is unbeatable!

If you want to catch Priscilla– you can find her casually lifting the big weights in the afternoon and evening classes! 

Proud of you Priscilla! 

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