On Becoming

There is an interesting thing about becoming.

As we become someone new – our bodies, minds and spirit are in constant fight of this new reality.


I asked for permission to share this conversation I just had with Hayley this morning. I’ve been working with Hayley just shy of two years. 

One of the coolest things about her journey is that 

The journey is not always appear linear. 

Subjectively (her lens) – She’s worked hard to lose 50 pounds up to this point. Creating new habits, abandoning old ones. she just came back from a weekend of hanging out with a long time friend and it was the first time they’ve spent time alone in a long time. Both of them are in their respective fitness journeys wanting to lose weight and become healthier humans. She drank and ate all the foods over the 3 day weekend and came back feeling defeated.


“I threw it all away”.


I postured with the question:

would it have been a throw away if you had planned to eat and drink everything you did before hand?

The thing about becoming is this – it’s hard.

Whatever it is we are trying accomplish…


🪨 It’s going to be difficult

🧗‍♂️ It’s going to give you physical discomfort

💭  It’s going to challenge your existing beliefs


⛰️And it’s going to change you.


And change is hard. If it was easy you would already be there.

So raise a glass to who you are and who you are becoming.

Your future you thanks you.

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