More Failures = More Winning

I used to think that if I could just plan everything prior to starting a new journey, goal, or task that I’d never fail; and if I never failed then I’d always come out of the other end successful. If I always came out successful then I’d never have to worry about failing. 

While I believe that there is value in having a solid plan, I also believe that there is a value in failing. 

“There’s value in failing? This article is dumb.” – you probably. 

Here’s what I mean. 

When it comes to the process of determining whether or not you should take a step forward or take more time to plan prior to taking action– life can feel so long and treacherous in a single moment. It feels like both options are losing options and there’s “no way to win”. 

In a lot of different ways, it’s similar to finding a job that is both meaningful to you as an individual and productive for your livelihood. In the application process of finding a job (or transitioning from one job to another)- you want to be wise about where you apply but you can’t take so much time that it drains your savings in the process. You also want to find a job that provides finances that support your lifestyle but you don’t want to be miserable every week for 40 hours a week at a job you find no meaning in. 

In health and fitness- the same is true. There’s a checks and balances when it comes to discerning when it’s right to take action or if you’re just irresponsibly rushing into it all. 

You can’t curate the perfect plan for so long that it takes away from the time you would’ve been able to have actually getting to your goals. 

The longer it takes you to curate that plan, the farther away you would’ve been to getting to that goal. 

For most of us, we just need to start. 

We need to start on something, somewhere, so that we can see some progress. 

The major concern that you may have is, “I don’t want to start because what if I fail on the way to my goals?” or “what if it doesn’t work out?” 

But this would be as if someone who is learning a new language said “I don’t want to start because what if I say the wrong thing?” 

In order to speak a new language more fluently, you need to speak more frequently. 

In order to ride a bike more fluidly, you need to ride a bike more frequently. 

The reality is, you can wait all you want for the perfect time, but truth is that the perfect time is now. 

The next time you are considering making a change in anything, don’t forget: 

More Failing = More Winning

And don’t forget, you have an awesome community to support you while you’re at it 🙂

Happy Monday Reason Community! 

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