Losing Fat & Eating MORE

Athlete Bright Spot: Hong Yu Sheng
Losing Fat & Eating MORE
By Coach Luke Karsana

Meet Hong!

Hong is a tattoo artist in the Los Angeles area.

One of the most measurable goals he had when we first started with each other was to lose body fat.

When joining Reason, He stated wanted to feel more confident in his body and coming into the gym was not enough for that.

He knew he needed to change something about his nutrition.

“I am really happy with the way I am currently losing weight but I know I am just getting started.”

Since we started working with each other Hong has

Put on 3 lbs of Muscle Mass
Lost 6 lbs of Body Fat

…and the only thing he changed?

He started eating MORE.

“I didn’t know I could lose weight by eating more.”

The reality is that everyone needs something different– there is no one-size-fits-all with nutrition. We are all at different places with how we view food, what we’ve eaten, and how we want food to treat us.

It has only been 60 days since we started working together.

60 days.

The key to Hong’s success has been making small, and sustainable steps.

Congrats, Hong. Thanks for the opportunity to keep working with you. Let’s keep this train going!!

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