It Takes Time To Build (Muscle) Tone

Recently I’ve been asked a lot of questions regarding the timeline it’s going to take to achieve X goal. 

“How long do you think it’ll take before the soreness is less?”

“How long will it take to get a pull-up?”

“How long does it take to lose X weight?!” 

These are all VALID questions. 

I think that every great plan requires great expectations. 

When I injured my back in 2016, I frequently asked my doctor, “How long do you think it’ll take for me to heal? When do you think I’ll be able to train regularly again?” 

When I look back during these tough times– what I really was asking was “Am I going to be OK?” 

My doctor (of physical therapy) in 2019 answered me with this, “At a minimum you’ll need 6-8 weeks for your muscles to actually create an adaptation and build new muscle tone. As long as you stay consistent, you need to allow time to build that tone.” 

That saying stuck with me. 

“You need time to build (muscle) tone.” 

So the question for me shifted from “How long will it take to…” to “How can I make this process enjoyable…” 

Here are 3 practical things you can do to make the process enjoyable

  1. Reflect: How long have you been consistent? When was the last time you were this consistent? If you haven’t been– how can you become a little more consistent this week
  2. Revel: This one is a fancy word for CELEBRATE. What are the wins you’ve experienced recently that you need to take a second to revel in? What are some wins that you had this week, month, year?? The more milestones you are aware of, the more you’ll remind yourself that inner self critic to pipe. down. 
  3. Recommend: If you can come to any gym or be in the routine of exercise with someone you enjoy spending time with, it’ll be an enjoyable time regardless of almost any circumstance. If you know someone who has some health and fitness goals– send them this link to connect with a coach here at Reason to see if we’re a good fit for them! 

It takes time to build tone. Hope this is helpful Reason Community. Happy Monday 🙂

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