Hard Work Paying Off: Athlete Spotlight – Bree Monnin

Athlete Bright Spot: Bree Monnin
Hard Work PAYING Off
By Coach Drew Hernandez

This week I want to give a huge shout out to Bree! Most of us see her crushing the Saturday workouts, but I have seen the growth of a very special athlete.

Most days she’s at the gym twice. In the AM with our 5:30 am crew…. and in the evening with the 6:30 pm crew. No, she’s not hitting the class WOD twice. She is coming back in at night after her job at Cedar Sinai. Yes, you are reading this correctly, once in the morning and once at night to work on improving her skills in the sport of CrossFit️♀️.

Bree’s curiosity was sparked when she saw another athlete getting coached by me post 630pm class. We first sat down and went over why she wanted to take a step toward improving her skills. I laid her blueprint out and told her it will be a hard road. Her eyebrows raised with curiosity, hope, and excitement. She doubled down on her commitment to changing herself and we got to work…

In the past few months, I’ve seen her PR her deadlift at 275 pounds, 165 pounds split jerk, 155-pound power-clean, and even got the chance to coach her on her Open workouts this year! We broke down each workout on what was best for her and how we could attack them.

Bree made it just outside of the 10% bubble to qualify for the next stage of the Crossfit quarter finals!!

Bree has not just grown in strength but has grown into a mentally stronger athlete. She has embraced her fears and knocked them down. We have more goals going forward, and I know Bree is ready to work.

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