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3 Tips for Getting Better at Gymnastic Movements

Coach Luke’s Top 3 Tips for Getting Better at Gymnastic MovementsBy Coach Luke Karsana 1. Focus on the Foundations How confident do you feel at completing Hollow Rocks, Tight Arches, Hanging on a Pull-Up Bar, or being in a Push-Up Position? How often do you

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Reason Client Constitution

You are at the center of what we do. Your experience at Reason is very important. To keep things simple for you, we ask that you agree to these basic terms and conditions of service:  At Reason, we ask that you: Arrive on time for

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Managing Stress: 7 Ways to Use Your Advisory

On our last blog, I introduced the idea of having a board of advisors. Today – I’m going to share with you HOW to leverage these people in your life. As mentioned on the previous blog – My faith includes my spiritual life as well

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Managing Stress: Your Board of Directors

by Eric Freedom, Founder of Reason Fitness A year ago – like many others I experienced what was the most turbulent year of my life. STRESS!? Who wasn’t stressed out? One thing I’ve learned as I’ve entered my mid thirties is I’ve learned the value

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Reason Fitness Exists in Arcadia, CA Because…

Reason Fitness in Arcadia exists because we want to create healthy, happier humans. We want to do it by optimizing their physical fitness, mindset, nutrition and sleep  in a way that is sustainable for real people, living in the real world. When we get a

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Why Your Willpower Will Not Suffice

You are frustrated. You’ve been exercising, cycling on/off diets and feeling stuck. So you make a plan, you decide to change the way you’re eating and moving. You clean out your cupboards, buy those plastic meal prep containers and refuse to eat anything outside of

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Why Is It Hard for Me to Leave the Gym

I’ve operated this gym for 8+ years and to this day it is still hard for me to leave the gym. Just ask my wife.This realization came to me when Luke asked me one day as I was leaving…”Dude you can’t go home huh? I

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Athlete Spotlight – Eric Chang

Athlete Bright Spot: Eric ChangBy Coach Luke Karsana Have you ever walked into the gym with your gym bag slung on your shoulder, not sure if you’re ready to walk out after seeing the whiteboard? Eric has been there. Eric is 34 years old, working

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The Supermom: Athlete Spotlight – Karen Wright

Athlete Bright Spot: Karen WrightThe SupermomBy Coach Bethany Chan Working full-time as a Dept. Administrator at a Kaiser ophthalmology clinic and looking out for her 2 kids and dogs singlehandedly is a feat that only Karen Wright can claim. She might as well have been

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