Athlete Spotlight: Praise Ching- Success is made by Consistency

Athlete Bright Spot
Praise Ching: Success is made by Consistency
By Coach Drew Hernandez

I want to give a huge and well-deserved shout out to Praise. She started back last year with us and has been crushing it!

When I first sat down with Praise she talked to me about improving her strength and getting fitter. She was coming from Jiu-Jitsu so she understood what hard work was. I saw a little bit of nervousness in her eyes after our first few sessions. I’m guessing she was questioning CrossFit’s workouts. I know we have all been there. Questioning “What did I get myself into”  🥴.  We started an On-Ramp last September and since then she has lost 14lbs of body fat and gained 8 pounds of muscle mass!! We went over macros and how small changes of food could make a huge difference. We navigated through the holidays successfully with no hiccups.  She hasn’t stopped surprising me in her consistency and determination!! There is no limit and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be alongside her in this journey. Success is made by consistency. Praise has showcased it time and time over again!🔥🔥🔥



🚫No program to follow
🚫No guidance in nutrition
🚫No data to see what is working 



✅Is consistent in classes
✅Is consistent with her nutrition
✅Is seeing success while keeping a healthy lifestyle 

When you see Praise in class give her a huge air high-five!!! She is such a great addition to our community!!! Great job Praise

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