Gaining Confidence & Clarity by Shedding Fear

Athlete Spotlight: Ginger Maneske
Gaining Confidence & Clarity by Shedding Fear
By Coach Drew Hernandez

When Ginger I started to work together her goals were simple. “I wanted to start taking care of myself. She set a goal that before she was 30 she wanted to accomplish.  Her fears of “BRO” mentality” gyms lingered in the back of her mind. And also feared that being a place where there was consistent judgment.

She made the decision to join a place where she can be inspired by others. She has then changed that mindset and has gained confidence.

Aside from gaining massive confidence, she has lost over 13 pounds of body fat! 😲😮

Ginger and I have worked together for over a year and in our conversations, she now understands how her body is trending and how things go up and down. Through this, she has been able to feel confident because of the results she’s seen (and proven) on her body scans.

She recently cleaned out her wardrobe and threw away tons of big shirts! When she started her onboarding: it was difficult for her to lunge, we both noticed it while doing Turkish get-up. Later on that year we had TGU in a workout, she had no problem going through the movement even with a kettlebell!💪🏽💪🏽

3 things she struggled with:

❌Scared of judgment
❌Lacked Confidence
❌Not feeling strong and having a lack of body awareness

Since then she knows that Reason is a place where people come together and work on themselves.

She is confident in her route and goal. She knows who she is becoming.

She has improved her mobility and strength.


✅Clear on who she is
✅Confident in pursuing her goals
✅Gained strength and trusting the process

Ginger has gained strength and confidence and is able to see her fitness in a new light. She has developed a strong mindset. She learned to keep her eye on the goal and make things manageable! If you guys see Ginger give her an air high-five!!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽

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