Athlete Bright Spot: Christian Cabrera, Taking Control

Athlete Bright Spot: Christian Cabrera
Taking Control
By Coach Luke Karsana


Meet Christian.

Christian is a chef at Cabrera’s (a family owned Mexican Restaurant in the SGV).

Christian’s schedule has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus and has changed the way he thought about his life and himself- as did most people during the shutdown.

When things opened back up again, he scheduled a meeting with us and explained how the shut down helped me clarify that his health and fitness needed to become a priority, otherwise it was always put on the tail end of his schedule.

He wanted two main things out of his current health and fitness:

He wanted to put on muscle mass and feel stronger.
He wanted to make training a part of his daily routine.

“I just wanted more control over my life and I was getting sick of people (myself included) using covid as an excuse. It was time to take control over my health again.”

Today he has put on over 7lbs of Muscle Mass and is now getting feedback from his customers about how he’s looking more muscular and most importantly feels confident in his body currently.

Today he feels that coming into the gym to at least move, is a non-negotiable. This is just a part of his life.

What changed?

Christian looked for accountability and guidance.

He was exactly one step away from feeling the way he wanted for a long time.

Christian, proud of you for taking a step towards a better you.

This is just the beginning.

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